Core Knowledge

Educating Future Veterinarians

One of the roles of the ABVT is to provide content guidance in veterinary toxicology for the education of veterinary medical students. The ABVT has developed a list of fundamental concepts and knowledge that we believe is essential for the entry-level veterinarian.

Fundamental Concepts

  • Biotransformation
  • Diagnosis
  • Dose-Response
  • Dose vs. Concentration
  • Pathophysiology

Fundamental Knowledge

  • Biotoxins
  • Drugs
  • Feed Toxicants
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticides
    • Rodenticides
    • Insecticides
    • Herbicides
    • Molluscicides

See also Veterinary and Human Toxicology 38(5) October, 1996 for a listing of the core content sent to the AVMA Council on Education.

Any faculty member involved in toxicology education of veterinary medical students can receive additional information concerning these fundamental concepts and knowledge by contacting us.